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We have been in the business for more than 30 years, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with the different issues faced by septic tank owners. With over 20 years of experience, when you choose Fast for your septic tank needs, you can be confident that you are entrusting your septic tank into the best possible hands. It can be quite cumbersome when you have issues with your waste septic tanks. With our acquired knowledge, polished skills, complete tools and equipment, we can easily provide the following services to our clients in Auburn, AL:

• Installing new septic tanks
• Repairing damaged septic tanks or drainfields
• Replacing defective or worn-out septic tanks
• Pumping out accumulated waste
• Cleaning septic tanks
• & more.









Fast Septic Services, the Leading Septic Tank Cleaning Company in Auburn, AL

Welcome to Fast Septic Services, the home of quality drainage experts and septic tank technicians, and the best septic tank cleaning company in Auburn, AL. We offer a wide range of solutions to all sorts of septic tank problems for both residential and commercial spaces. A family-run business, we make sure that delivering outstanding customer service is kept as our top priority. We’re available for emergency septic pumping services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we won’t let you down in your hour of need. We’re a family-run business, and we believe that all of our services should be delivered with a smile, so you can rely on us for a friendly, professional service every time. We offer our services at competitive rates.



We Strictly Adhere to Septic Regulations in Auburn, AL

We complete projects as fast as we can while ensuring that the results exceed our clients’ expectations. Our experts are very friendly, so you can easily explain your problems and they will recommend the appropriate septic system solutions. We have the best group of technicians for your septic tank needs in Auburn, AL. Following Auburn, AL regulations ensures that consumers are guaranteed quality service and protection from any form of malpractice that may cause damage to property or harm to the consumers themselves. We make certain that your septic tank problems are resolved in no time. You are welcome to contact our company if you wish to book our services or simply ask for a price estimate.

Know the Advantages of Hiring Us for Septic Tank Pumping in Auburn, AL

By having your septic tank regularly pumped, you can avoid damage and leakages. We advise you to contact us as soon as you can if you need our pumping services. We are available to remove waste water, ensure proper drainage, and unblock septic tanks at very competitive rates. Septic tanks that hold a lot of waste can become blocked, and problems can arise with the irrigation line (thus the need for septic pump service). No need to worry about the cost of septic tank pumping as we guarantee premium services at very competitive prices. Sooner or later your septic tanks and drainfields will encounter issues such as effluent overflow or worn-out materials. When issues happen, you want a reliable team of technicians to come and help you pump out the water, as well as the solid wastes.

Professional Septic Tank Service and Repair in Auburn, AL

At Fast, we do everything that we can to help our customers repair and condition their tanks. Our team has been one of the area’s leading service providers for the last 20 years. When it comes to delivering same-day septic system installation, replacement, maintenance, repair, cleaning and pumping services, there is no other company in Auburn, AL like Fast. You can simply sit back and relax as our experts handle the problem quickly and competently. We are able to diagnose problems, detect areas that need either repairs or replacement, and implement the needed action to ensure that your septic tank performs at its optimum. For all your septic tank needs, simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Septic Tank Cleaning and Treatment in Auburn, AL

Like every other equipment in your house or commercial property, your septic tank needs cleaning and treatment to prevent it from getting plugged by accumulated wastes and algae. In case you keep having the same problems and a replacement is more advisable, our professionals are able to make recommendations on a more efficient model that will not hurt your budget. We’ll then restore the balance of your septic tank using specialized enzymes, allowing your septic tank to resume effectively treating waste. Here at Fast, we have helped numerous homeowners and commercial property owners who struggled because their septic tanks were blocked by large bits of solid wastes. Regular cleaning and treatment helps add to the longevity of your septic tank and its efficiency in fulfilling its purpose.

Expert and Professional Septic Tank Installation and Replacement in Auburn, AL

We can work on all brands and models, and we fully understand how to handle them with care and precision. We are affiliated with local premium manufacturers so we can guarantee that you will get only quality parts at affordable prices should the need arise. Our team will come to your aide within the day and conduct the necessary service to help you prevent bigger problems. Our team of professionals at Fast is determined to provide your much needed septic tank replacement and installation service. We can advise you on where you can position your septic tanks to prevent issues such as effluent water seeping into the pipes.

Contact Us Right Away for Waste Services in Auburn, AL

Our friendly specialists are waiting for your call so grab that phone and give us a ring right now. Our highly approachable technicians are ready to provide septic services any time. Make that call today and enjoy our worry-free services. You, too, can benefit from our services. Our premium services have efficiently and successfully solved the waste concerns of homeowners in the area. No need to look for any other septic tank cleaning company in Auburn, AL.






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