Enjoy a Wide Variety of Services for your Waste Tank in Augusta, GA

Whether you need one-time assistance or regular maintenance work, you can never go wrong with Fast Septic Services. We arrive not long after you have called for assistance and finish all work with no delays so you can go back to your usual daily business. We offer affordable services in Augusta, GA that will help you avoid issues such as overflowing septic tanks, seeping effluent, and soaked drain fields. Call on us whether you need assistance with any of the following:

• Replacing hopeless waste septic tanks
• Installing any brand or model of septic tank
• Cleaning septic tanks to promote bacterial growth
• Pumping out solid and liquid waste
• Repairing defective septic tanks
• & more.







Septic Tank Cleaning Company in Augusta, GA

For more than 20 years, Fast Septic Services continues to be the leading septic tank cleaning company in Augusta, GA. There is no doubt that you will get more than your money’s worth when you do business with us. All of our services are carried out by fully qualified, highly trained in-house technicians to ensure that our own exacting standards are maintained at all times. We handle emergency septic pump services no matter what time of the day or week. Our company is among the top performing service providers in the area, and we promise to provide nothing but the best results every time you give our team a call. We provide top-notch septic tank maintenance, repair, and other related service to keep your tanks fully-functional.


We Strictly Adhere to Septic Regulations in Augusta, GA

Our company takes pride in our solid team of septic tank technicians in Augusta, GA. All of our staff are very approachable. You are welcome to contact our company if you wish to book our services or simply ask for a price estimate. We understand the risks that may occur if a septic system installation or maintenance is mishandled and this is why we make sure that all protocols and procedures are done with utmost care and efficiency. Our experts are very friendly, so you can easily explain your problems and they will recommend the appropriate septic system solutions.

Septic Tank Pumping in Augusta, GA

We are a trained and experienced team of technicians, so you can fully rely on us to provide septic system solutions in Augusta, GA without any trouble. Remember that it is better to have a well-maintained septic tank than deal with the problems and damages later on. A neglected septic tank tends to leak, function inefficiently, and emit extremely foul odor. Septic tanks that hold a lot of waste can become blocked, and problems can arise with the irrigation line (thus the need for septic pump service). Here at Fast, we guarantee to deliver solutions to mitigate issues quickly. Whether you need assistance with having a septic system installed, replaced, pumped or maintained on a regular basis, Fast Septic Services has you covered. Most homeowners overlook the importance of having a well-kept septic system which could lead to bigger structural and sanitation problems. By choosing Fast Septic Services, you’ll benefit from our highly experienced, locally-based drainage experts, 20 years of industry experience, and our fleet of high performing septic tankers.

Septic Tank Service and Repair in Augusta, GA

Simply give us a call when you require maintenance, repair, installation or replacement, and we will accommodate your request. For all your septic tank needs, simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest. We are experienced in working with all model of septic tanks from a wide array of manufacturers, so whatever size or brand your tank, we’ll be able to help. When it comes to delivering same-day septic system installation, replacement, maintenance, repair, cleaning and pumping services, there is no other company in Augusta, GA like Fast. At Fast, we do everything that we can to help our customers repair and condition their tanks. Our team has been one of the area’s leading service providers for the last 20 years.

Get Exceptional Augusta, GA Septic Tank Cleaning and Treatment

We understand that all septic systems require a certain level of PH balance to ensure that waste is broken down and treated as needed. Septic tank cleaning and treatment are necessary as this will ensure that blockages in pipes and sludge forming at the bottom are kept to a minimum if not fully avoided. Due to the use of detergent, soaps and shampoos, the pH levels in your waste tanks can change, killing off the bacteria needed to degrade solid particles. To secure that your septic tank performs at its best, we carry out the recommended septic tank pumping. To ensure that the PH balance remains level and the bacteria can continue to treat the effluent, your septic tank periodically needs cleaned and treated.

The Most Reliable Septic Tank Installation and Replacement in in Augusta, GA

We encourage you to get in touch with our highly qualified team right away if you sense any problem with your septic tanks. Our team ensures that your septic tank is properly installed or replaced. Our team of professionals is available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can replace and install septic tanks, regardless of your location in Augusta, GA. We can replace your model with a much more efficient septic tank in no time at all.

Call Us Today for Professional Septic Services in Augusta, GA

Call us right away and get your needed service today! Here at Fast, you are guaranteed superior septic tank pumping service to be done by experienced drainage experts at friendly rates. With our dedication to fast, effective, efficient service; we can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. No need to burn a hole in your pocket for top-rated septic services when you can call on us to do the job. When you need a septic tank cleaning company in Augusta, GA, be sure to contact Fast Septic Services. You, too, can benefit from our services.







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