How often you need to service your septic tank?

Maintaining your septic tank frequently is a very important step in the right direction. You might consider pumping it on a regular basis since this prevents solid materials from blocking the soil pores when they get into the drain field. It is recommended that you pump your septic tank one time in three years especially in homes without a garbage disposal. A home with a system and a disposal of garbage should pump their septic tank annually.

For owners of systems that are non-residential, determining how often you require pumping should be based on previous accumulation and records of the pumping. The gap between the times it was serviced like how often it was serviced and how fast it clogs up is also essential.

Many people tend to believe they only have to service their septic tanks when they have problems, which is not right at all, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. This kind of reasoning may be very expensive eventually. Residue often settles at the bottom which forms a layer (sludge) after some time. Frivolous materials and grease float on top of the tank as scum.

Under normal circumstances, tanks designed properly can hold up an accumulation of sludge safely for approximately 3-5 years. Increased levels of sludge further than this makes the sewage settle slower than usual before exiting the septic tank. An increase in levels of sludge makes solid waste get in the system that absorbs the soil (SAS), which leads to a clog and eventually is unable to take up liquid at the speed which it is entering the tank, which eventually leads to wastewater foaming on the surface.

Also to be safe, when hiring someone to come service your septic tank make sure they are properly licensed and get a detailed receipt about the transaction including the dates and amount paid and details on how it was surfaced like the amount in buckets pumped out. This is retained for record purposes like especially for non-residential system owners.


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