How to Choose the Proper Sized Septic Tank

A septic tank is not the most appealing part of your home. It’s no wonder that most people have little idea when it comes to choosing the right size. But make no mistake about it, a septic tank plays a critical role that no house can call itself modern without one. To help you in this area, we are going to enumerate two ways on how you can find the right septic size for your home.

Industry Standards Method

This method relies on using “industry standards” in helping you determine the size of your home’s septic tank. With this method, you are going to determine the number of rooms in your home and try to determine the septic tank capacity from those figures. You might find the bullet points below very useful.

* 1 -2 bedrooms = 750 septic tank capacity

* 3 bedrooms = 1,000 septic tank capacity

* 4 bedrooms = 1,250 septic tank capacity

* 5 bedrooms = 1,500 septic tank capacity

Keep in mind that this is just a guesstimate. Nevertheless, it’s usually sufficient enough for most cases. However, if you want something that is more accurate, then you might want to check out the next suggestion as it’s probably the most accurate way of determining the right septic tank size for your home.

The Professionals Method

The most accurate way of determining the right septic tank for your home is by consulting with a septic tank professional service. In fact, the consulting with a professional service can help determine not only the right size, but also the right shape and material.

Aside from the number of occupants in the home, another factor the can affect the size of your septic tank is your preference when it comes to the maintenance. Smaller tanks will mean that it will fill up faster compared to larger tanks. Hence, you will need to hire a septic tank clean-up sooner and more often. If don’t like the idea, then you might want to go for larger tanks.

Closing Thoughts

Using industry standards as a guide to determine the right septic tank size is usually enough for most homes. If you want something more accurate, then consulting a professional is the best route.



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